InfiniteRed – Mobile Development Studio

We specialize in mobile design and development in RubyMotion. We work with you to develop your entire app, an MVP, or if you just need a boost, we can do that too. We can rescue a struggling project. We can provide advice and direction, and train your developers in the finer points of building mobile applications.

We help you:

  • know what’s going on; we’re very good communicators, there are no surprises
  • reduce risk; we’ve done this many times before on many types of projects
  • keep your project organized and efficient; we’re mature professionals
  • get started immediately with little spin-up time


iOS & Android RubyMotion Development

We are RubyMotion pioneers and leaders. We used it to design our own app, Temple, and we’ve built many iPhone, iPad, and OS X apps for our clients


We are heavily involved in the RubyMotion community. This gives us fantastic access to talent, allows us to give back, and we will always be current with the latest libraries and techniques.

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We created the popular RubyMotion libraries RMQ and CDQ and we created and write the official RubyMotion newsletter, the RubyMotion Dispatch. We co-organized this year’s RubyMotion conference and we run the San Francisco RubyMotion Meetup.

We'd love to work with you
(415) 295-6152

Some of our wonderful clients


We're building high visibility medical software for some of the world's leading firms. InfiniteRed has been an invaluable and trusted partner with deep development expertise, excellent product vision, and the muscle to get the job done!
Steve Shreve, CTO at Crossover Health

We really appreciate all the help InfiniteRed provided to us when building our app: mentoring, building features, and fixing hard to find bugs. They were always available, always professional, and a real pleasure.
Dan Aronson, CTO at Fandor

Having InfiniteRed available as a mentor has helped us move forward with less trepidation. We know an experienced and knowledgeable developer is a skype call away and ready to guide us in the right direction. So, as newcomers to the rubymotion and iOS world, InfiniteRed has been indispensable. Thank you InfiniteRed!
Joel Oliveira, Lead Developer at Change Collective

Todd, Ken, and team are utter pleasure to work with. It's not easy to join an ongoing project and be productive from the very first hour. In the first few hours of looking at the code they suggested all sorts of ways to better organizer our RubyMotion code. What I liked most was not only that they delivered but they also taught us along the way. Attention to detail and delivery on time is fabulous.
Neeraj Singh, Founder at BigBinary


Todd Werth
Founder, developer, designer

San Francisco

Ken Miller
Founder, architect, developer

San Francisco

Gant Laborde
Senior Developer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Darin Wilson
Senior Developer
Luba James
QA Engineer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Mark Rickert
Senior Developer

United States

  • Leader in the RubyMotion community
  • Prolific open source contributor: RMQ (core contributor), ProMotion (core contributor), BubbleWrap (feature contributor), and many more
  • Blog
  • Github
  • Twitter @markrickert
Frank Von Hoven
Apprentice Developer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Steve Kellock
Senior Developer

Toronto, Canada

Derek Greenberg
Senior Developer

San Francisco