Welcome to the Merge

ClearSight from Portland Oregon and InfiniteRed from San Francisco will be combining powers to form a new entity entitled Infinite Red. Jamon Holmgren has a personalized writeup on his blog; if you’d like an insider view of this merger you should read his post “Up...
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#inspect 2015 – RedPotion talk – Slides

Here are the slides from my RedPotion talk at #inspect 2015 in Paris.
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BluePotion – Under construction

Our team here at InfiniteRed and the team at ClearSight Studio are currently working on BluePotion. We just released the alpha version last week and it’s growing quickly. BluePotion is the Android version of RedPotion for RubyMotion. It won’t be identical to...
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An interactive seven-foot globe created entirely in RubyMotion and SceneKit

We here at InfiniteRed recently had the opportunity to work with Eos Lightmedia based in Vancouver, Canada, on a very fun project for Vancouver International Airport. YVR commissioned an interactive display for their trade show booth. It’s a two-meter interactive globe that...
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#inspect 2014 conference videos

  Will Raxworthy creating a Flappy Bird clone in SpriteKit:   Todd Werth talking about the new version of RMQ:   Ken Miller talking about CDQ:   Jack Watson-Hamblin talking about the RubyMotion community:     Gant Laborde hosting the...
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#inspect 2014 CDQ – Slides

Folks have been asking for my slides, so here you go. I think they’ll be posting a video soon, too. CDQ-inspect-2014
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#inspect 2014 RMQ – Slides

Here are the slides for the talk I did at the #inspect 2014 RubyMotion conference: Download PDF    
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RMQ v0.6.0 sneak peek

Learn more about RubyMotionQuery here
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RubyMotion #inspect 2014 conference

InfiniteRed is co-organizing this year’s RubyMotion #inspect conference with HipByte, the makers of RubyMotion. Todd Werth and Ken Miller will be speaking at the conference. Join us for an educational and fun time.
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CDQ Update

CDQ was featured by Motion in Motion recently, which prompted me to improve (dramatically!) the documentation and the first-use experience. For those of you wondering what on earth I’m talking about, CDQ is the library we use, extracted from our own app, to easily work with...
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Creating an Image Browser app in RubyMotion and RubyMotionQuery (RMQ)

Code shown in the video is on GitHub Learn more about RubyMotionQuery here
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RubyMotionQuery Version 0.5.0 released

v0.50 – This is a huge update I recommend updating, or at least update at v0.5.1. Read this post about it: Note: rmq_did_create is deprecated, override rmq_build now instead Update in bundler, but also...
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rmq everywhere – v0.5 changes everything

RubyMotionQuery v0.5 is now on github in the [master] branch: gem 'ruby_motion_query', :git => '' This is a big update, there are various small things but the big one is that you no longer have to worry about where you are when you call rmq....
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RMQ Roadmap

Current roadmap for RubyMotionQuery This may change, of course. v0.4.1 the current gem version v0.5 new view_controller system: which solves the #1 problem in rmq: having to pass rmq around in things like cells. rmq command will work everywhere v0.6 new frame system: I’ve...
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RubyMotion Dispatch – A weekly newsletter

I just released issue #2 of my new weekly newsletter on RubyMotion and RubyMotionQuery (RMQ). It’s been fun to write, and the response from readers has been awesome. Check it out:
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Temple has risen to 6th place

It’s been a very exciting this weekend here at IR. On Friday Temple broke into the top 10 in the App Store in our category: Health & Fitness. Then on Saturday, Temple made it all the way to 6th place, with esteemed company such as RunKeeper and Nike+. We’re now...
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RubyMotionQuery – RMQ – 0.1.1-alpha released

We’re releasing the alpha version of RubyMotionQuery – RMQ. RMQ is a development library that we use to build iOS apps, we’re releasing it to the development community as open-source. You can read about it here
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Temple version 1.2.0 released

Version 1.2.0 Instant Undo for new entries Lots of small UI details Stability improvements and bug fixes
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RubyMotion Success Story

We were featured in this post about the tech we use: “RubyMotion Success Story: Temple” Very cool.
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